Set Up Wi-Fi and Networking in Cape May Court House, NJ

Also serving Egg Harbor Township, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ

Make Sure Your Customers Get Great Wi-Fi Service

Have you ever gone somewhere, such as a hotel, restaurant or event center, and had a problem connecting to the Wi-Fi? It's infuriating. The Wi-Fi customers of Steelman & Co., LLC don't have that problem. We provide Ubiquiti access points that utilize your existing internet service.

The Wi-Fi from your existing broadband modem may be great when you're standing next to it, but that doesn't work for a hotel with rooms that are hundreds of feet away from the lobby. These access points act as a repeater to allow the internet to cover the entire building. We can also put restraints on each device to allow each user only a certain amount of bandwidth. Contact Steelman & Co. today to learn more about our Wi-Fi and networking services in Cape May Court House and the entire South Jersey area.

We'll monitor your Wi-Fi & network

You don't want one person streaming videos and hogging all the bandwidth. Our monitoring tools allow us to:
  • See how many devices are on the system at a given time
  • See how much bandwidth is being used
  • Determine if there is an issue with the internet provider or access points

We'll show up at your location to fix a problem you didn't know you have. We can also assist you with data networking. Learn more about how Ubiquiti and Steelman & Co. make great partners on our Testimonials page. Call 609-645-0200 today to get better internet services set up for your business.

Also serving Egg Harbor Township, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ

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